A downloadable L.o.R. "Left or Right" for Windows, macOS, and Linux

L.o.R. it's a Binaural Game (auditory), which consists of recognizing the direction of the origin of sounds.

It is recommended to use a headset to have the best gaming experience.

The name of the game itself tells you what it is, and how it works, L.o.R. "Left or Right"

The game consists of fast left or right moves to attack or deflect obstacles.

You can set this game as an ASMR game, if you have auditory sensitivity.

In this first version Beta 0.0.1, I did not focus on art work, the focus was on the mechanics and audio of the game.

Note: the audio is my authorship. To make the audio was used the software: Rytmik to create and Audacity to edit. I used my own voice at the opening of the game.

If you encounter any bugs or strange behavior in the game, report it to me, I'll be happy to hear that you're following my work and played my game.

Soon I will make new versions, follow me my work in social networks. Or subscribe to my email list.

Install instructions

Button Left or Right keyboard.


linux64.zip 69 MB
osx64.zip 78 MB
win64.zip 65 MB


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Good game Francisco Rabelo!

Hi Rijitsu,
I'm really glad you did this gameplay video.
I hope that you enjoyed.
I'm working on a more advanced version.
Thanks for playing.

Thank you

Vc poderia pôr para morrer com um só hit, porque do jeito que está, está muito fácil. E a velocidade tem que aumentar aos poucos também para deixar o jogo mais desafiador.

Obrigado pelo feedback! :) Vou fazer uma dificuldade progressiva na próxima versão.